pay-per-click advertising

The sponsored links on the major search engines are ads that are paid for on a "per click" basis. Contrary to what many people believe, this is not a fire and forget solution. It requires constant monitoring and updating to perform efficiently and be cost effective. You can decide the search terms to bid on, and when someone conducts a search on of your terms, your ad will come up.

There are various factors that influence your placement, including ad quality, land page quality, and the maximum you are willing to pay for each click. This is a quick and easy way to drive traffic to a site, and in conjunction with analytics, can be run very cost effectively in many niches.

On the other hand, many people launch a PPC campaign and then forget about it. This is an easy way to throw money out the window. With a little monitoring, you can be refining keyword lists, improving click-throughs and lowering your overall cost per click.

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