web analytics

If you have a web site but don't have analytics setup, you are essentially flying blind. There is valuable information to be gleaned from what people are doing when they come to your site.Is there a certain page they look at longer? Do they leave right away? Where did they come from, the search engines, ads on other sites?

Web analytics is the one element that no site should be without. Installation is the first step,and the second is knowing what to do with the data. Many people have the free Google analytics installed, but most have not configured it properly and are getting bogus data, which only further complicates the situation.

There are many things to consider when looking at an analytics report. Why are people leaving a certain page? Is there a strong call to action? Is the design confusing? What pages lead to the most sales? What kind of visitor converts the best? All these questions can be answered through analytics and used to further improve the performance of your site.

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